Coming Soon

Please excuse our mess as we begin to get the dimensional gateways
constructed and connected to one another. We'll have more information
on what it's all about posted here soon. Please standby for dimensional
calibration and testing to be completed!

-= Pan-Dimensional Marketplace Bootstrap r1.v0037 =-

Boot procedure commencing...
Self-Awareness Module online: [ OK ]
Telepresence Detection Module online: [ OK ]
Trans-Dim Communication Center online: [ OK ]
Distributed Pseudo-Intelligence Network online: [ OK ]
Universal Translation Matrix online: [ ERROR ]
Marketplace Management Routines online: [ OK ]
Sanity Checks And Balances System (SCABS) online: [ ERROR ]
Aesthetic Compensation Circuits online: [ ... ]
Interactive Assistance Database online:
Dimensional Portals Directory online:
Portal Pre-Activation Killswitch Algorithm check:
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